Cycling loop in crafting/repair menu


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The user interface (UI) for crafting and repair has this visually pretty look where you can cycle through the main options, but it only lets you cycle in a lineair way: from left to right and back again.

That isn't proving to be very user friendly now that more and more options are being added.

For instance, in the crafting table menu, if you want to craft the Bear Skin Bedroll, one has to cycle through a lot of options before you get to the one you're looking for. And you can't make it in one go, because you'll need to rehydrate and eat two or three times in between.

So that means you have to get out of the crafting menu in order to drink/eat, and then when you access the crafting table again, you have to cycle all the way back to the thing you were working on. And again when you repeat this for the third time.

Something similar when repairing clothes. I like to carry a good number of fishhooks around (since they weigh next to nothing), but I'll usually choose to repair my clothes with a sowing kit. For some reason, they show up now as the fourth or fifth option as a repair tool, so that means that every time I repair something, I have to cycle through a number of options (fishhook number 1-5), just to get to my sowing kit.

It would be nice if, starting from option #1, I could cycle straight back to option #10. That gives me more control, since it's much faster to get to option #7, #8, #9 (instead of having to go through all the options I'm not interested in right now every single time I want to craft or repair something).

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