Very dark during the day


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Today I started a new game and I think there were 10 hours of daylight left. So I have been trying to survive. All of a sudden it was dusky and I couldn't see the sun anymore. But there were 4 hours of daylight left! I did not take a screenshot because I was expecting this as a new part of the game (solar eclipse?). But after I left Misanthrop's Homestead it was bright and after a while it started to get darker and night was coming closer which was okay, because time said something about xx hours of nighttime left. Weird.

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Could it have been fog? Fog can make the sky very dark towards evening.


It was definitely no fog. The view was crystal clear. I could see the outline of the mountains and the shape of the clouds. The sky was made of scattered grey clouds. The sun was not visible at the sky. Something looked weird though: Behind the mountains in easterly direction there was a big brightness as in the sun is about to go up. This bright background radiation went on in southerly direction until it reached the west where I expected this brightness to be.

Apart from that weird look I would expect this illuminated scenery 30 min. before darkness, not 4 hours before.

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