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So in PV and ic CH there is one shop in both of these maps, and i was thinking how about if you can use them shops as shops?? o.O !!

Today these shops have lots of lootable items.

Here is how it could work out. Lets assume you are not alone. Somewhere in the wilderness there are other survivors than you but because the wilderness is so vast and endless you will never ever meet.

However this does not deny you the possibility of exchanging goods.

So what you do is you craft deerskin boots forexample and then you wear them. But then you craft another pair of deerskin boots, what you gonna do now?

Well how about you can go to the shop and put them there so that they are up for grabs. Then somewhere between 2 to 4 days later a stranger will come and pick them up and then further 4 to 5 days later the stranger will come back and give something in return. It can be anything. A new hatchet? 5 rifle ammo? And now you can come to the shop and collect your new shiny items. The more you give the more you get in return but u never know how much you will get or what you will get.

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Having a bartering system would be good, though I think just exchanging through a dead drop is unrealistic.

If they do include people, then having a barter system in place would be great. However, the designers would probably need some sort of central unit to judge items by. Say C * CAL = Value, where the C = Condition and CAL = Caloric value of the item OR caloric cost to construct. This could be further modified by the items rarity. So a very common item like wood or fresh water would not be worth as much as meat or leather. Consequently some items would be extremely valuable; ie tools, rifle and ammo. You could modify trading further by the desperation of the trader.

All that said, you then have to deal with squatters and/or thieves if you bring in people. After all, the player is a squatter by default until he finds his own place. Claiming some run down shack in the woods could get the player in all sorts of trouble. It also brings further complication by going into a house not only claimed but occupied. Do they shoot you, kick you out in a blizzard, offer shelter and/or food.

I think all of this is best left for the story mode of the game.

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