Whittling, Knapping and Weaving

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Disclaimer: I don't think this is a process that needs to be implemented now. The benefits are few (if any) for what is going on right now in the game. Whittling, knapping and weaving would allow us to take existing raw materials to make tools or other items.

Whittling: Requires a Knife

Raw Materials: Bone, antlers or wood

Knapping: Requires a piece of leather and knapping tools (antlers and round rocks are what I use)

Raw Materials: Certain rocks, bottles

Weaving: None, knives or axes (depending on what materials you want to harvest)

Raw Materials: Hides or plant fibers (from certain barks to grasses)

These tasks would allow the player to pass the time in an activity that would require as much energy as repairing clothing. Whittling could produce usable items such as handles for tools, more precise knapping tools, floaters for a fishing line, bone/antler hooks, bone/antler points or just crafting small figurines to decorate your home. Wood shavings could also be used to craft a tinder plug. Knapping can produce stone cutting tools (from large axe heads to flakes used in skinning) and points. Weaving would allow the player to craft cordage, make fish traps or even a basket to decorate your home. A basket would then become a container the player could move about. I would not tie whittling into crafting friction fire tools (such as hand drills or a fire bow) but they could be linked. Whittling a fire saw and the hearth board, then weaving the cordage to sting the bow could equip a the player with the tools to start a fire.

The real question is would the player in the game know how to knap, whittle and/or weave? Bush pilot... maybe not. If the devs started the player out with a skill at 10% for each, it could take the player a significant amount to time (and some luck early on) to produce something. However, for a player who devoted their time to it then end results could be game changing. A player could effectively knap a knife blade for butchering and an axe head (palm blade) for foraging for wood. They could then used knapped tools to make wooden handles to magnify the durability and effectiveness of the knife or axe. You still have to lash the point/blade to the wood, so weaving comes into play. Being able to construct a fish trap and drop into a fishing hole would make fishing like snaring rabbits.

Our ancestors used these techniques for tens of thousands years to survive in very rugged and extreme environments. Some people continue to use them to this day. Right now the game is effectively over when the tools fail. There needs to be a primitive way to get our hands back on those tool. These tasks are also time sinks. Players have to forage for the raw materials (or take them off a kill), haul them back to camp and then invest time in crafting. I would go so far as to say certain supplies (like good rocks for knapping) might only be foraged near a cliff, over streams/creeks or in the mine. Certain weaving materials may have to be found in the reeds, tall grasses or near specific trees in the game.

Again, I do not think the game is at "that place" where this sort of skill set needs to be implemented ASAP. However, I hope the devs would think about it. Allowing players to excel at primitive skills would change the dynamic of the game. It would give them more avenues to explore, more skills to accomplish and maybe even a few more achievements on Steam (for the badge monkeys to pursue).

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