Ravages of an Unattended Fire


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Should there be a possibility that an unattended fire, indoors, could spark a blaze?

I don't think this is an issue with a stove. However, homes with an open fireplace can toss our sparks or embers as the wood burns/shifts. If a player left a fireplace burning and went to bed, they might wake up to a house fire OR never wake up at all. If a player left the fireplace burning and went out, they could come back to a home smoking or fully consumed (would be a great way to warm up... lol).

There is also the very real downside that a fire such as this could be devastating. I know if my home based burned up right now I would be in a real mess. I have a pair of backup sites, but they are not nearly well stocked with food or additional provisions.


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If there were a way to fight the fire I could be persuaded to back this idea.

If the fire was just embers, then we could stomp it out or douse it with water. Maybe with a slight lose in durability of foot wear if we decided to stomp it out. If it was a bit larger either beating the flames down (with a jacket, blanket, etc) or dousing water on it could work. One the fire got past a certain point, there is no way a one person bucket brigade is going to put it out. It then becomes a matter of salvaging what you can before the fire consumes the structure.

While fighting a fire a player could also suffer minor to life threatening injuries with smoke inhalation and various degree of burns being the biggies. I could just see the status "On Fire!" pop up and the player has to put it out. Once a fire is involved and the structure compromised you also have to worry about falling debris. One thing is for certain, you will not have to worry about being cold! :P

We see a few structures that were burned down, so it only makes sense for the mechanic to be in place. If a player does something foolish with fire then there should be consequences. However, the threat of fire could be mitigated with a good screen but even that is not fool proof.

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