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  1. Thanks cekivi I found errors with the Forlorn Muskeg map. I also found places I think were done poorly on Timberwolf Mountain. In addition, I found places in Pleasant Valley & Mystery Lake were either inaccurate or outright missing some features. While I hate to be critical of such fine work, I can't imagine someone who puts so much time and effort into them wouldn't appreciate some constructive criticism. Speaking of that I have a ton of error reports to post using the F-8 key feature to Hinterland. The trouble is...it's more fun to keep playing than to bug people about bugs. In fact, the whole reason I started playing TLD again was to take a break from being a Game Tester for a complete overhaul Mod that I have played non-stop for a full year ( one single game ) and prior to that being a Game Tester for over 2 years on another one. I've also been the sole admin for almost 4 years now for a major game studio's Facebook page producing daily content which is very time consuming. As my old habits are hard to stop, I find myself playing the TLD at the same time as I compilate various bugs, errors and other items needing attention that I encounter. Thanks again for the link.
  2. I was going to complain that I found bullets too large when individually placed on a table or ground but in retrospect I would never see them washed upon the shore at a safe distance if not for the size they are now.
  3. I started carrying an MRE as emergency food at 21% and 470+ days later it's now at 19%. I have yet to figure out the how and why rate of objects degrading.
  4. Dirmagnos The in-game image of the backpack not appearing waterproof to you is the least of the problems associated with the Game. We gladly accept that it will hold a bow, a rifle or many other objects beyond the size limitations of it or we constantly overload it beyond the weight capacity of any other backpack we find on the ground yet we're squabbling over wet clothing. We put a rifle, a bedroll or other oversized objects in a small square metal box, a toolbox or a drawer in a desk and yet the technically plausible discussion is about water? If the objects washing up on shore are not flotsam ( floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo ) or jetsam ( part of a ship, its equipment, or its cargo that is purposely cast overboard or jettisoned to lighten the load in time of distress and is washed ashore ) then where is it coming from? A plane crash? We haven't seen anything to imply a tsunami or other event that would remove items from a shoreline, be it buildings or stores to take it into the ocean to be regurgitated later. The real question about stuff washing up on shore is the type of objects. Of course we would like to find bullets, flare gun rounds, tins of sardines ( all objects I have recovered ) but would these really float? Wanting proof of some shorelines being more conducive to the quantity or quality of objects found is a waste of time and effort. Simply put, If Hinterland decides only the Desolation Point locations has washed up objects while no others do like Coastal Highway, then it is what it is. Another possibility is in a specific location rip currents may prevent it too: ( objects from the sea get caught on an outer sandbar or similar earthen material while the open section is current pulling stuff from the shore out to sea and not in ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rip_current Not liking my suggestion opens up the opportunity for you to create one of your own. * * * * * Ohbal Yes, it could just be implied our character would use his brain and take off his pack ( keeping it dry ) before getting to the edge and recovering it as we climb out of the water in our escape. I don't necessarily feel the dynamic for this needs to be created unless of course Hinterland allows us to pick up and drop ANY backpack which is a suggestion I've made before which would be great for managing supplies and equipment as we choose. Finding empty, movable backpacks would be great. I don't think I saw any objects washed ashore in Coastal Highway other than sticks so I'll have to go back and look. * * * * * Thanks for replies from both of you.
  5. I found a lot of errors with some of the Whiteberry maps. Is there any specific place where those can be reported?
  6. If you want the taken off or removed clothing to get wet...then where do you draw the line? Would not all your other items including matches, fire starting material, books, cloth, leather, arrows, your bow, gun, ammo, sewing kits...etc. etc. ALL get wet? Rather than every single thing becoming wet and most things ruined, it's just easier to imagine you have a waterproof backpack. Otherwise you make the entire situation a logistical nightmare of all the things you're ruining, drying, and/or throwing away. No Game Play mechanic is enhanced or made better by demanding more things get wet. Why does stuff only wash ashore in Desolation Point? For the same reason the scrub bushes can only be harvested in Forlorn Muskeg and not the other levels. The newest levels often get new things the others don't or may get later. Perhaps the tidal forces or depths of the terrain below the water in Coastal Highway are not conducive to flotsam & jetsam. We don't see any other ships washed up on any other shore except Desolation Point so maybe it has unique and ideal properties for what we see.
  7. FYI: The alternative items I put on: Ski gloves, Running shoes and reducing an entire layer of clothing were originally things I did for rope climbing. The purpose being to drastically increase my mobility which gave me more available stamina. When I first went to Timberwolf Mountain, I usually had 50+kg of supplies going up, only drank coffee and made it in one try except a single time on the very last rope going up in the 7 to 8 times when I was ascending to the Summit. It just seemed like a good idea to apply the same principle to falling in the ice. Get the cheap shoes or gloves wet and not the good stuff. Let it be one layer and not both. Get out of the wet and quickly put on a dry.
  8. I've made hundreds of Gaming videos and this is my first for TLD. However most people probably wouldn't like my method. I don't talk. You learn by watching and not by listening. I prefer the atmospheric sounds and immersion the Game provides. If I try to show something I'll use my mouse on some inventory or display screen to point. Other than that, I might include a few comments in writing underneath when I post the video. I did see GELtaz's video about the Ravine and rope climbing before undertaking that ( rope climbing was new to me ) but personally I find most people talk too much, don't know when to stop and get annoying very quickly.
  9. Be sure to switch to 720p for the best video quality before viewing. Short video to basically show my method going shopping for high value items among many low value items washed upon the icy beach of the Desolation Point level. Highlights include reducing one layer of clothing so only the other gets wet and then once I've taken all the items I want ( and have fallen through the ice 2-3 times ) I switch to dry clothing and take off the wet. Then a quick trip to a previously prepared location to start a fire, take off the wet clothing for drying and waiting out the appropriate time for the hypothermia to pass while I do various tasks like eating, drinking, and seeing if I need to tend to anything else. Video concludes with going to sleep to wake up to 100% health and starting another day. My high value items recovered include 2 Birch branches ( which make 6 arrow shafts ) 2 broken arrows ( harvest = 2 arrowheads and 4 feathers ) and 1 flare round. * * * * * Dirmagnos Yes, it would be nice to have some other way other than falling through the ice to recover things, however what I'd really like is the ability to make small jumps. I'm tired of going through the Canadian Wilderness like a giant snail slithering my way through life unable to overcome anything over 2 centimeters. cekivi Well...let's just pretend my backpack is waterproof as I switch out of the wet to the dry. Thanks to both of you for the replies. * * * * * I've made hundreds of Gaming Videos but they're all from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games so this is my first TLD video. Feel free to subscribe and view my other content. FYI: The title of this post and video comes from the character of Ash in the movie "Army of Darkness" which was the third installment in the Evil Dead franchise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_of_Darkness
  10. My Game from 2015 disappeared after I took a break and came back in 2017, so I had to start all over. I love all the new areas and changes especially to the clothing being more intricate and a matter of choosing wisely. Once I realized the Bear/Wolf Jacket, Deer Pants and Rabbit Mittens were too heavy and gimped mobility, I no longer wore then again and I set about choosing the best protection/mobility ratio stuff. Anyway... one thought I've always had is what happens when the last Birch & Maple tree has been harvested? That last bullet fired? The last pain pill taken? Then I discovered that there is a place to go that is truly like shopping. Like magic, new Birch & Maple branches appear. New bullet & flare gun rounds appear. You can get pain pills, socks, balaclavas, tins of sardines, pieces of cloth, scrap metal, dead fish of all the varieties and many other things in addition to all the wood products. Where? Desolation Point. All these items randomly wash ashore and you have to recover them, most often in thin ice that you may fall in if you're not quick enough. Through trial and error, I've learned to take off half my clothing ( inner or outer layer ) and when I fall through the ice, I simply put on the dry clothing and take off the wet as I walk back to shelter to make a fire to dry my clothing and get warm. Have plenty of sticks/wood/coal etc. at three nearby locations that provide shelter: The lighthouse, the Riken & Hibernia Processing Plant. Since the shoreline and washed up items range from one end to the other, choose the closest location as applicable. If you're in 100% health and good weather, you can actually fall back in the ice 2 to 3 times total to recover usually one object at a time. One last mention: If the Fish you recover says "ruined" or 0%, don't worry. You can still cook it ( starts at 50% ) and eat it okay. Which means even if you run out of fishing tackle, you can still eat fish. So, if you know this already then why tell me? If you didn't, then I was happy to share something I just recently discovered. I started my Game in Desolation Point but only saw firewood and sticks when my Game started it seemed. As I've been in other levels ( including 113 days straight in Timberwolf Mountain ) I only recently came back for extended time here and noticed this. The objects don't spawn or appear until you get very close to the water's edge so you can't spot or observe them from afar to decide to go retrieve them. You also need to learn how to identify all objects laying on the ground. No fun thinking you're getting something valuable when it's only a cattail or lichen. Good Hunting, Stalker. BTW, I'm around day 470 or so.
  11. I'm really surprised no one else has reported this. Surely I can't be the only one this happens to.
  12. Caught a Bear sleeping in it's cave during a snowstorm.
  13. Getting moved through the wall outside when lighting a fire, adding fuel, cooking, melting & boiling water. While on the subject I don't understand the need of the game mechanic to jerk a player to the side when initiating these functions. Why not just stay in front of what you are doing? Other times the player is jerked above the fire or fire barrel like you are about to jump on top of it. I always think I'm about to get burned.
  14. You never know where you can find a single round: