Panel_BreakDown breaks when time to breakdown is too low


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This is a bit of a technical bug report, but Panel_BreakDown breaks if the time is set too low. Prior to the last episode release that time was 0.01 on only metal objects. However, after that all objects needed 0.02 to not break. Now its 0.03 and sometimes 0.04. The biggest issue with this is that the time is in hours, not seconds. And it uses 1 for 1 hour, which makes things hard since there are only 60 minutes in an hour.

Anyways, I am reporting this as I have not found a way to prevent this issue using MelonLoader mods (make them myself). Making those mods is how I found the issue btw. The problem could be fixed by ensuring the visuals are reverted in the `ExitInterface()` method.


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