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Just got TFTFT and I'm really loving the cooking recipes; it's definitely what I'm enjoying the most. Here are some suggestions I thought of for it: 



- Add porridge to recycled cans recipes. 

- Add approximate prep time



- Basic Soup: 2 carrots, 2 potatoes, 0.20 kg broth. (Carrots and potatoes should have a base recipe)

- Baked(?) Oatmeal: 0.20 kg oats, 0.10 kg flour, water, 0.05 kg oil, 0.10 kg peanut butter, 0.05 kg syrup. 

- Mug Cake: 0.10 kg flour, water, 0.05 kg oil, 0.05 kg syrup, 0.05 kg condensed milk (maybe?). New buff: Hopeful/encouraged


(These are suggestions so while it may not make complete sense for "baked" items, they could be changed to match something similar) 



- Hopeful/encouraged: After consuming something warm and delicious, you're mood is brightened and you feel hopeful. x1.1 faster walk speed. (This could be added to pancakes)

- Better sleep (needs a good name): You sleep deeper and fill more of the fatigue meter per hour of sleep. 


Just a couple of ideas that I thought would be neat. Of course, they should also come with a couple of de-buffs for game balance. Mainly I would like to see the tweaks added; porridge for cans and approximate prep time. 

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You just reminded me of the oatmeal in the game, in a bit of a parallel with real life I've just tried "overnight oats". How I would see it happen in game would be adding water to the oats in a can, but instead of just being able to cook it and have it ready in a short amount of time, you would literally have to wait overnight. I think in terms of buffs, since oatmeal is pretty high in fiber, one of the benefits in real life and maybe in the game could be to slow down hunger.

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