[NOGOA+] Playtesting eastern variant of Purist OuterNOGOA: "Purist OuterNOGOA East (PONE)" (created by YouTuber ArchimedesLP)

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What Purist OuterNOGOA East (PONE) is about:

A typical Purist OuterNOGOA (PON) run revolves around the western regions of Great Bear, especially the FM-MT-HRV trifecta, for at least the first 50 or so days. PON players usually prefer to start in a region close to ML or ML itself for the chance of getting the easily accessible outdoor bedroll.

Eastern region starts are considered unfavourable in PON due to them having much less outdoor coal and being so far away from the ML bedroll. The long trek to ML sets the player back in gearing up for the cold, making eastern region starts less optimal than western ones.

The main idea of PONE is to experience surviving (from spawn to crafting phase) in relatively tougher eastern regions - which one, in a typical PON run, avoids setting foot into until they have a full set of crafted clothes (which is like past day 50).

PONE rules (by ArchimedesLP):

  • standard PON rules*
  • throw out any spawns west of CH
  • you cannot enter FM or ML(this locks you to Bleak/Ravine and points east)
  • all bedroll spawns in Bleak are legal, no other bedroll spawns permitted
  • Riken interior is allowed if you immediately light the furnace upon entering(you can do anything there but the fire must stay lit)

*PON rules (by PerfectTrip):

  • NOGOA code: 8sHM-/z8P-Dz+3-QZym-XRQC
  • Outer: No buildings/structures with warmth bonus (also applies to most "outdoor" structures with warmth bonus e.g. Mountaineer's Hut)
  • Purist: Transition caves/mines can be passed through but not looted or loitered in.


Full run:

Objective: Try out this PON variant - preferably survive for at least 50 days.

Additional self-imposed rules:

  • No flare gun, flask, tip-up and ptarmigan items (pretend ptarmigans don't exist)
  • Cannot enter closed caves connecting different parts of the SAME region (e.g. TWM cave systems, AC waterfall cave)

No-commentary gameplay (Day 0-57): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqXJ3R-kIHlYKp_KwDpDRrQJlRtq9H9J

Failed attempts: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqXJ3R-kIHkN7otY5_cy798AUvN1n1dW&si=yPWJLhw1FP_OKA7H

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