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i propose this place to discuss wants and wishes for trader system. i will tell my thoughts but wanting other's thoughts as well

can be in these categories or anymore category people come up with

1. hate any implication for anyone? or optional choice to toggle on/off? or fine with just standard must be (can be only if specific implementations)

for me i'm ok with it just being standard must have

2. static/limited mobility npc? nomad npc? static drop off locations with set trades that after trade through and time delay or just specific time they are refreshed? using things like radio (can specify radio or drop off)

i think all of these can be implemented well. however i think static/limited mobility would only make sense if the trader was in a beachcombing place cause otherwise, you will easily be able to completely loot all the things in an area and it will make no sense with him still coming up with fresh supplies

3. thematics or not? what i mean by this is buying or selling (or more weight to them) certain supplies based on personality, prior profession, wants, maybe where came from andor a personality to match it up. or would you prefer more genericism from the trader

i personally would prefer thematics whether static or not. could be someone that originally came from the rikern and has personality to match a whaling sailor. could be a prior teacher from the schoolhouse that will pay much more weight for skill books.

4. what is the way for purchases. what i mean by this is it could be only buying gold nuggets? have static weight for certain items but more variety? have variable weight on what is needed or wanted by trader and perhaps if you have sold a lot they are worth less. and currency or just bartering items for items?

i'm ok with currency or straight up barter. i like the idea of only gold nuggets the least. the rest i'm all ok with to some extent but i personally like variable weight where based on traders current needs or wants

5. what do you want to be able to purchase?

i personally want atleast occasionally for the trader to sell things like mag lens or lantern. where like very useful but won't degrade so might end up having multiple found. and if static i would prefer selling based on that (say stuck in the rikern, would mostly sell things that can be found beachcombing but also possibly improvised knives and hatchets cause right by a forge) but other then that i'm fine with trader selling whatever

6. free expansion or paid?

i personally would prefer the implementation to be free with other things being paid (or mix, where might sell more variety paid but more limited with free)


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I don't think I want a trader in my dead world at all. But Hinterland must have thought very thoroughly about it and I anticipate how they intend to implement it. I hope there is an option to disable it as they do with the Cougar for those players who don't want it. Before HL releases it they will do a Dev Diary as they always do so we can know how it will work. Perhaps it will just be a dead body that you can periodically check for newly spawned stuff. That i could go with I think. Like beachcombing sort of except you have to put a nugget in his pocket and come back some time later to see what spawns. Will just wait and see.

Would like it to be free for all. 

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