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We already know that the cougar is coming to the long dark. It will be a intresting new critter to deal with in the game. Im guessing it will be a silent hunter, stalking you through various hills and valleys, only to take you down once it is close enough. So about the things you can do with its drops. It should give you a pelt once you manage to take it down. It would be intresting if we could make a new type of footwear that could let us stalk our prey quietly, or evade capture by the critters we dont want to deal with. But I think you wont be able to take too many of them down on your average playthrough, so I guess a new type of headwear would be a better aproach. Like a cougar head-dress that could potentialy be pairable with the rabbit skin hat, and could add a new mechanic, making it so cougars would be hasitant to attack us from the back, working like a head mask people use in india to warn off tigers.


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