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humans are great endurance hunters. in fact great endurance in general, like hundreds of kilometers per litre (equivalent for gasoline) on a bicycle

it would be nice for that as another tactic. while even with just a stone can knock out bunnies temporarily and run deers into wolves, we should be able to make a rabbit exhausted by running a lot frequently, and deer lasting a bit longer but still able to get exhausted and need to lay down. with just hands enough to take down bunny, maybe needing a knife or hatchet or hacksaw to deal with deer but realistically could also just use hands.

this irl can be done with just walking with much less energy but much more time and much lower success. intermittent running would be the key for this strategy cause much more successful of forcing rabbit or deer to do a running more frequently to the point of exhaustion

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9 hours ago, Pyroxene said:

I once saw a nature documentary about a tribe in Africa that runs down its prey. The deer collapsed with exhaustion, and he just had to stab it.

yep, and there are various tribes around the world that do it, like inuit tribes for some of their food (some in canada). most animals needing some instrument to kill the final blow but i could see even a hacksaw used for the deer (which even if could do it by hand like snapping neck like done to bunnies in game, would need atleast a hacksaw to make it so could use your hands to get the meat in the game)

there are other animals that utilize similar things, more minor examples is monitor lizards (special functions different then other lizards for longer distances while running fast) which will often do a mix of ambush hunting and then using their venom to wait for animal to bleed out and forked tongue to find them but can chase for a while to get that initial first hit

spotted hyenas (shorter legs so not as effective)

and more prominent examples (though still not as good as humans) are wolves, dingoes, and painted dogs. which actually lends well to the belief that part of the reason they were domesticated (wolves to dogs) was cause similar hunting strategies (and while lizards can be tamed, they cant be domesticated)

and there is even some belief that the loss of hair on body but not top of head (that part is for uv protection) for humans arose because endurance hunting (to be more effective)

but yeah, i think this could be a nice alternate strategy to save ammo/arrows other then just using a stone to hit a bunny or using a stone to run a deer into a wolf

it could be a skill that could level up (running uses less sleep need andor calories as level up or quicker run recharge), a trait if do enough of it (like how there is for rabbit snares), or just a standalone strategy. all i would like

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