Motion sickness and FOV

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Jumped back into the game after a while and after a couple of updates, and for the first time ever I'm experiencing motion sickness while playing (and I have nearly 450 hours logged on Steam). I did mess with the FOV setting because the menu note said that a smaller number helps with motion sickness and I know I'm prone to it. However, quite a few sources online are telling me the opposite, that a higher FOV is better! Is there a typo in the game menu? Can anyone elaborate?

Additionally, folks with motion sickness, what FOV setting and mouse sensitivity setting do you use while playing on a PC? Trying to fix my settings now that I've messed them up 😂 (I also have to look away from the newish harvesting animation lol, but it's the same with the rope-less rock climbing animation that's been in the game for a while.)

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