Pie, blinds, and idle times


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As I am out here I have endured some hard times but also have enjoyed extended moments of happiness. Those times of happiness included long stretches of time with nothing really to do. The hard work had been done and preparation was set. I find myself longing for a hobby. Perhaps the ability to whittle myself a nice decorative object or craft up something special to make my chosen space feel more like my own. I would certainly enjoy a nice warm blanket on my bed that I took the time to craft myself, or perhaps fashioning a custom drinking/cooking cup from scrap would be worthwhile.

As I write this I find myself suffering from a peach pie headache. I don’t remember a time where this would happen to me but now it is a regular occurrence. I find that the sugar gives me a lot of short term energy to get a task done or get where I need to go. A small crash later on would occur inevitably. No headache though. I’d like to see this realistic action implemented instead of headaches all the time.

Went out hunting the other day in my favorite spot. It took awhile to get into a spot without spooking the deer. I wished that there was a hunting blind. That is something that could be added to some areas where it seems hunting would definitely take place. A nice change of pace to hunting down at ground level and a nice place to take in the peacefulness of the forest. 

Ok, I am off to see a bear about a coat.


-bearded dude

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I've always longed for a way to craft a cozy blanket or coverlet from a bear or wolf hide... added warmth to those nasty grey wool blanketed cots!

There are hunting blinds, but not the kind that are up in trees. A couple of those would be nice, esp. if you could lay out the bedroll & nap under cover.



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