Make playing with No HUD more viable


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No HUD option to include an option to leave floating HUD markers intact. Meaning: remaining fire burn time, cooking time and loose object identification.  

I would love to try to play TLD without any the core health indicators visable or any of the massively obnoxious on-screen prompts, "WARMING UP BONUS."  Yes, I get it Hinterland, thank you for telling me every time.  None of the location prompt either. 

Simply and only what I need to play the game with as much of a clean and unobstructed screen as possible, with the ability to not have to guess or mentally do the math on how much time which fuel source adds to a fire and how much time each food type takes to cook.

TLD is a gorgeous game which is a lot of fun to record and share online.  I would love to get used to playing it with NO HUD, if only Hinterland didn't expect me to be Kurt Godel in order to have fun playing that way.

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