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I’ve been hauling my loot from the zone of contamination to coastal highway. Recently got through the branch line, which, bringing through the tunnels was a nightmare on its own, I discovered an interesting skip possible with the travois.

You normally are unable to climb the avalanched area on the train tracks from the BR side. On the right side, there’s rocks, which you arn’t able to climb up (atleast I wasn’t able). However, there’s your able to walk along them easily enough. And if you finagle the travois down to it and have the handles face outwards, you’re able to reach it and climb up. This allowed me to consistently reach the travois and allowed me to unload it. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of it since I’ve already left the region, but here’s a scetch of it.

since you always move to the travois handles when interacting with them, this also brings you up to them. I feel like this could open up a lot of possibilities for travois based skips. Of the top of my head, I wonder if you could use travois to be able to avoid fall damage. It would probably be incredibly hard, but would be possible based on how it works. There’s also a few skips that I feel like could work. The shorter pathway at airfields could more easily be reached. I’m unsure but possibly an area at the cannery could also be reached? I’m thinking somewhere along the trailers but there may be a better spot?

I don’t think anyone else has talked about this, so I hope you all find this info useful.


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Okay so, if you could get a travois on this ledge, and place a travois, or bring one down here if possible, then you could get up to the cannery. Which could make it an incredibly useful shortcut. I believe it is wide enough here. (Do note I have not actually tested it, and I am just speculating about it.)





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