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Hi all!

I've not played TLD since 2019 but I've bought the recent DLC and decided to return to the game...

... and notice that all my old progress (feats/challanges) is lost. Old saves also. No big deal in itself, but this also means I have no possibility to use my feats when starting a new survival game. In Steam I have some 713 hours and 48/56 achievements are unlocked, i.e. theoretically most of my progress can be justifiably restored from steam information. I am pretty sure I did not do 4DON and Darkwalker but the earlier ones are completed. Would not want to grind for what was done already once again.

I wrote to the support more than a week ago and still no reply aside from an automated message that the request is received.  What normally would be response time? Can they restore my progress?

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Hi Balamute,

the feats can be easily restored by loading two Pigrim savegames with five activated feats each. I can send You such steam files, if You want them.

For the challenges, it would be the easiest way to do them once again, if You want to have the badges.

Oh, and I am quite sure the support stated before, that they will not restore any lost stats.

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Hi mfuegemann!

Ah, I see now why the support are silent.  Indeed the only annoyance would be the feats, and the challenges I will probably do all over again.

On the saves I've send a private message.


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