Snow shelter - clothing destroyed by blizzard - bug or feature ?


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I have been doing a lot of fishing out of a snow shelter on Interloper.

My clothes (+ bedroll) give me enough warmth to stay warm through blizzards. However, I noticed how after just a few days of "living" in the snow shelter, my clothes on the INNER layer lost about 30%-40% condition.

It looks like that the clothes get damaged as if I were outside during the blizzards.

Is this a bug (that should be reported) or a feature ?


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16 hours ago, BugReportEnthusiast said:

Mention that blizzards destroy the clothes on the outside, when you're hit by the wind

I think that's the part that's throwing me off.

Deterioration in the blizzard is due to wind, not temperature.

But in the snow shelter, I'm not exposed to wind. So it should affect my clothes like outside, but like inside. It's only "outside" as far as starting temperature is concerned.

I agree that it's probably not a bug, but it's not really how physics should work.


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23 minutes ago, BugReportEnthusiast said:

I don't think this is counter intuitive. The gale-force winds of blizzards hit your clothes, and they start to break down because of the abuse.

I think you misunderstand my point.

There are no gale-force winds inside the snow shelter, otherwise, it wouldn't "shelter" anything. 

And just to drive the point home further - the office in BR is considered "outside", but it is very similar to a snow shelter. You get a temp advantage, and zero wind chill effect. But clothes don't get shredded when there is a blizzard outside. That's how the snow shelter should also be.

That's what I mean by counter intuitive.


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