Modification/Revision to text in Frontier Cooking Recipes and another thing or two


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The screenshots of (in this case) the broth recipe shows three different situations:

1.  When lacking ingredients "Item requires ingredients you don't have". 

2.  When lacking the necessary cooking utensil "No cooking pot in inventory".

3.  When all needed ingredients and the utensil (the cooking pot) are in inventory.

As for the cooking pot, the recipe says "in inventory" to make the error message go away but the cooking pot cannot be used in inventory but has to be on a cooking surface with an active fire.  

Maybe as a reminder #2 could be revised as "Cooking pot on cooking surface and active fire needed for this recipe".  (color change as well)

Of course it would reference the skillet when applicable for a given recipe. 

While I got your attention, could the cooking time for the recipe be broken down into preparation time and (actual) cooking time?  You still have to have an active fire but knowing the prep time might help one keep the fire going rather than forgetting to keep track of that.  I was making three pies and then three stews only to have the fire which was about a 2 hour fire (or maybe shorter, I wasn't paying attention as I did the stews) go out while I was in prep for the third stew.  My bad for not keeping track but I think I didn't realize the prep time involved.  It would be information that would have been helpful.  

Haven't done this much Frontier Cooking in a long time so not aware of the nuances. 

Could also use a generic soup recipe - meat or fish and water in pot or skillet, boiled.  Hot meal.  It doesn't have to do anything more than calories, hydration, and warmth bonus (if consumed hot).  🍜




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