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I've been through the list of bugs and issues for PlayStation and didn't find what I encountered.

While in Coastal Highway, I'd exited the Quanset Garage from the back and noticed (as I started walking) that I was a bit lower to the ground as if crouched, but I was upright. If I did crouch, I was literally under the map. To fix this, I had to enter the garage and exit through the other side 

As I exited a cabin in the Waterfront Cabins area, the same kind of bug happened. As I left the cabin, I fell a bit  under the map and was badly bruised with matching torn clothes. I figured I could go down to the ice in back of the cabin and pop out of the ground to continue but this didn't work. I had to restart the game to fix this.

While I did manage to find workarounds for these issues, these are just examples of potentially game breaking issues I've encountered. There is also the bugs of crashing that are frankly getting annoying and more frequent.

I love this game and I just want to see things go smoothly for everyone.

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