Salt from seawater needs to be a thing

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No, don't just give it to the trader, that would be lame. Let us make it ourselves.

0.5L of seawater boiled dry -> 0.02kg of salt

Here is why:

Broth would become renewable, which means we can (finally) have a renewable food item that doesn't produce scent, aka travel/exploration food.
Currently, you have to rely on beachcombed cat tails or making tons of birch teas, since that's literally the only way you can get non stinky calories renewably

Broth isn't a particularly strong item either.

  • It's kcal to weight ratio is the same as meat, way worse than cat tails or manmade foods.
  • It also doesn't give you vitamin C, so no problems there either.
  • It doesn't give you any buffs (+Fatigue, + Health or others), it's just a simple food item.

This change wouldn't upset the balance of the game, it's just something for late game players.

Just.. think about it, please? This is a very elegant solution to the problem of using up all the food that doesn't attract wildlife.

Sitting around in CH scavenging rotten jerky and cat tails from the sea or walking around AC - TWM - PV for weeks collecting like 100 birch bark to make teas is time consuming and gets old.



Also FYI - The broth's behavior with heat is a bit funky with the flask. The entire 0.8kg broth counts as 1 item, so it cools down as fast as 1 tea would.
It should either count as 4 items since it has 4 uses
8 items since it's 8x the amount of hot water as 1 tea

Thanks for reading

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