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I'm curious why they changed them to spawning at anything other than 100* as they don't degrade over time, and the condition doesn't affect whether they work or not. Is anybody else bothered by the fact that we can't stack all our matches now? I hope they either revert them to being at 100*/not having a condition at all, or make it so the condition can affect them in some way, by either degrading until ruin, or lower condition ones having a chance to fail based on condition.

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It's been like this for many many years though, hasn't it? In fact, I can't even remember when all matches came at 100%.

Also: Is it really true that matches don't degrade? Or is match decay just very slow? (I don't know the answer.)

As to your actual question, I'm not bothered at all by not being able to stack. The way matches are now makes it easy to keep them in a usefully-sized pack.

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