Cannot start Wintermute on PS 5: Black Screen

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I've got a fresh install of TFFT on my PS 5.  Survival mode works fine.

However, when starting Wintermute, after the "Acknowledgement" screen, there is just a black screen.

The audio is still playing, and the interface is active (I can select things that cause the audio to change), but the screen stays black.

This is a pretty game breaking bug.

I've submitted a bug report but have not heard back.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


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Another bump.

Two bug reports submitted to Hinterland -- no response.

Game breaking bug posted on forums for a month -- no response.

I love TLD and have supported it from early access, but this level of customer support is not acceptable.


I'm not suggesting this bug should be fixed.  But a response with one of:

Can't reproduce

Known issue

Or new bug, thank you

Is the minimum that the support team should do 

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