Deerskin Cloak


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I didn't think that improvised insulation was properly situated on one of the Accessory Slots.  It should have been usable as a replacement for an inner layer (i.e. where the thick/thin wool sweater would go).  Its utter lack of any water-resistance makes it problematic to have it as an outside everything layer.  It looks rather strange for an outer covering.  

Suggest that a new clothing item that might be more suitable for an Accessory Slot would be a deerskin cloak.  Version 1 would be two deer hides (min 1 kg) and Version 2 would be three deer hides (min 1.25 kg).  The difference between the two would be one is like a shoulders to legs covering akin to the Light Shell - primarily as wind protection with some warmth bonus - though I would expect that would negate any other worn wind chill protection bonus while the second is like the first except it includes a hood meaning it provides more protection than the Light Shell because the wind protection now extends to the head.  

If the devs decide to work it in then a Version 3 which uses rabbit fur for a slight enhancement to the warmth bonus of the deerskin cloak.  Alternately one might use ptarmigan feathers for insulation.  The bonus would be minimal, +1 C, over the default warmth and wind chill protection of the basic cloak.  Might be a bit heavy (min 1.75 kg).  

Now why have a cloak?  It keeps the clothing underneath the covered areas dry until the cloak gets 100% wet.  It may be quicker to dry, like a Light Shell or Windbreaker, being light-weight while tougher than the Windbreaker or Light Shall.  A balance could probably be found somewhere.  

It would also provide yet another clothing item that might be crafted from available hides and guts assuming that it is seen as having enough utility to be worth crafting. 

A change in mechanics might see the use of line made from gut that currently only is used on fishing gear as a heavy-duty thread of sorts.  

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