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Harvesting is fun and finding burdock feels like christmas, but most of harvestable plants are medicines or just low calorie snacks. Medicines are pretty common at lower difficulities so rarely there is need for using anything.
Frontier cooking is one of the coolest thing in game, especially when weather forces me to stay at cabin for days. And what I love the most are acorns. Acorn coffe, acorn flour. It's really cool that you don't need manmade ingredients because you can make your own like true survivalist. I wish crafting and cooking could be more independent from human settlements and it would be possible to stay at wilderness without limiting great gameplay.

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Yeah, when I first started this game I wanted to try living in an area and making do with what I find in nature....but I quickly found out you

1) need a crafting table or forge to make anything
2) Cannot make more primitive items. No bone knives, no spears, no clothing, nothing. You cannot do anything in the field.

But this game just isn't made for me, which is fine. I wouldn't expect any of this to be added.

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