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For both the Rifle and Revolver Variants, they seem to follow a specific ruleset. The Hunter's and Curator's weapons both have a flat range boost. Forester's Revolver and Barb's Rifle are both durable, and Vaughn's/Warden's are a bit faster.

And this is cool and all, but it's not really enough to make them viable. Sure, having a slightly faster cyclic rate is nice (and Vaughn's Rifle happens to spawn in an easy-to-reach area, which makes me habitually pick it up), but I'm not going to go halfway across the map for a minor stat boost.

And why do they both have to be the exact same effect copy-pasted onto two different weapons? (Except for a bit of weight moved around, and some minor originality on the Warden's Revolver- but even that falls flat when you realize it's not actually as advertised)


The solution? Make Variants that have an actual effect, or make the weapon actually unique as opposed to a minor, near-unnoticeable flat boost or downside. I want to be able to feel that I'm using something different- to be constantly reminded of my choice of weapon and the trade-offs I decided were worth it. I want the weapons to truly be variations, and not just reskins with minor stat boosts.

Maybe someone lovingly modified a Rifle with high-tech equipment that whirs to life during an Aurora to give it an extra kick.

Maybe someone modified their Revolver into a single-action to live out their dreams as a vaquero.

Maybe someone imported their old compound bow from their glory days as a professional archer- a heavy draw for a powerful shot.

Maybe someone's favorite Flashlight lost its high-beam function from years of tinkering and repair, but has another, new function that makes it worth running across regions for.

Maybe someone had an old hooded Storm Lantern that projected light in a cone like a Flashlight- or even had a battery/solar-powered lantern that doesn't need fuel.


Anything's better than finding an intricate, beautifully engraved Hunting Rifle after a long trek through an annoyingly dangerous region, thinking it's going to be something new, and finding the only difference is a slight range boost. Really, guys?

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Hell, I'd have probably made Vaughn's Rifle have a clunky and makeshift semi-auto function, had the Curator's Rifle have an old World War vintage scope, and had Barb's Rifle have near-zero recoil due to its custom stock or some kind of bayonet for a Bear Spear-esque struggle with the same animal it has on its stock.

The Hunting Revolver would've been a single-action, the Breyerhouse revolver (Forester's) would've been a full-on carbine, and the Warden's revolver would've had a lightning-fast draw and an easy-reload cylinder plus actual rear irons.

Hell, the Bow variants should've been repairable- Scrap Metal for the Sport Bow, Cured Maple Saplings for the Woodwright's.

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