Poisoned wolves' howls


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The ZoC region is absolutely awesome to me.
I really loved all the new sound effects in ZoC, and also encountered some new elsewhere (did not spend much time elsewhere lately though):

- wind howling feels it gained a new dimension
- loved the new scary music pieces, but also the "contemplating ones"
- when I first found the mining pit, there was an eerie silence. absolutely fitting
- also seem to have met a new music for the glimmer fog in FA (not encountered it inside the ZoC.

The one thing, that I found a bit odd though, was that the howls of the regular wolves seemed "too healthy" to me when coming from the poisoned ones.
It would also add to the eerie atmosphere of the whole region I think, if they had a slightly distorted/hoarse or thinner howl of their own.
I have no idea how much work it would be to create some slightly altered sounds for them, and separate which sounds are played for which wolves...
If it is within reasonable effort, I would not mind this enhancement of having a distinct audible cue for the poisoned wolves.
Thanks in advance for consideration!

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