Langston Mine - Help and Maps!

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I finished what I think is the bulk of the mine exploration, and it went pretty smoothly. As I was playing, to help distract my stress from the situation I sketched a hand-drawn detailed map of the mine as I went along. I was surprised to see that there doesn't seem to be any other maps of this level of detail so I decided to share! This might help anyone else who is a bit nervous to explore it blind. Note that this map is very light on spoilers and doesn't explicitly label where to find the Tale items. :)


  • You will need at least 8-10 gas mask canisters. If you travel light, and sprint a lot you can probably get away with a few less. You can find many in the mine itself. There are containers and loot IN the gas areas, but nothing critical and you can skip looting these areas without much loss.
  • Definitely use dropped sticks or spray paint to mark the start and stop of gas areas. This will enable quick sprinting if you have to return to them.
  • It's hard to see with the gas mask on. The flashlight is especially bad to use here. I used the lantern and it provided the best visibility. Don't be shocked if you go blind for a few seconds when changing canisters. This can be jarring and a bit scary. Your light will come back on in about 2 seconds.
  • While I found safety gear, I'm not sure if it helps with the gas exposure.
  • You can find more chemical boots in the mines. I found a total of 3 pairs in Voyager.
  • The mines contain lots of clothing repair and lantern fuel + flares so you'll have an easy time getting enough light.
  • There are several good locations to set up a 'base' in the mines.
  • I didn't encounter any wildlife in the mine. So you might want to leave your heavy weapons at the entrance.
  • You DO get cabin fever in the mine. I didn't like this at all. Popping out at Miner's Footpath has a nearby cave where you can recover for a day.

Map notes:

  • Little circles and rectangles represent barrels and crates. These make nice landmarks.
  • The map is roughly to scale. Although the "To Ramp Down A" points should have ended up closer to each other.
  • Locations where you go dramatically up or down a level are marked. The map definitely has 'floors' but I managed to sketch it all out as one.


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This is how I spray painted the start and end of each gas zone. Although in retrospect I could have used just the arrows and not the danger symbol. Because I was mapping as I went, I didn't get lost and so didn't use spray paint for anything else.


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Don't make the mistake I made - empty your inventory before going into the mines!

I just did the second part- the upper locked area. Huffing and struggling and always over-encumbered. Didn't realize until after that I was carrying TWO rifles 😣, a bow, toolbox, and a ton of tools and stuff that I didn't need at all. Don't do that! Drop most extra gear and go in extra lean. You'll find a lot of loot in the mine and you'll need to sprint a bunch.

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Another vital tip: don't waste the gas mask canisters on the above-ground toxic areas. These can be easily navigated around or sprinted through if you stumble into the edge of one.

Save the mask for the mines - you'll definitely need it more!

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