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I had a dream last night that Hinterland added a giant cave in broken railroad underneath the hunting lodge where the bear cave is. It was similar to the old bears den from episode 2 but larger and more maze like. There was also a bear in this cave but it was completely blind but If you made any noise whatsoever sprinting using a flare turning on and off a lantern even just walking near it without crouching it would immediately know where you are. I don’t know if it would fit into the game or how hard this would be to do but that dream made me really want this in the game.

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That's pretty cool! I always liked the Old Bear's Den very much and would love to have it in Survival mode. Your version sounds even better!

I had a TLD dream last night too! I'm amazed I don't have them more often given how much time I spend in Great Bear both playing and watching streams. In my dream I was playing a Holodeck-like live-action multiplayer version of the game with a bunch of community members. We were in the Concentrator building in ZoC. It was insanely cool!

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