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Here I am at Vacant Depot. I do have 4 ptarmigan carcasses placed behind the bench (the one which is directly opposite to fireplace). I click on one (mind you it is still on ground) and pluck two feathers of four. Then I used escape button. Then I moved a little and took another carcass. I thought I misclicked, because I wanted the one with two feathers. I used again escape button and tried another and another. Suddenly there is no carcass on the floow behind the bench. I thought OK I do have them in my inventory. Nope. Strange. So I looked again on the ground and nothing. I thought: Nice another falling through floor. Then I moved towards the fireplace and voila. All four carcasses are in between bench and fireplace. I tried to reproduce it again in order to capture video, but no luck. Anyone else got teleporting carcasses?

Shall I report it? It happened only once and nothing was lost except my nerves for little while.

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