Buried Echo - Can't harvest carcass with bare hands


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Hi, it seems since the Buried Echo update, I cannot seem to be able to harvest carcasses with bare hands anymore. I am in Stalker mode, and have knife and hatchet, but I want to use bare hands when possible. Even when wolf has just been killed (so is not frozen), there is no option to harvest with bare hands.

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  This is intentional. You can still harvest ravaged carcasses (carcasses that have been eaten by wolves) by hand once they're under 50% frozen, and if you harvest a first little bit with a tool you can then finish by hand.

On 12/5/2023 at 5:59 PM, Admin said:



New animations for harvesting Carcasses have been added. Note that Fresh or Frozen kills will now need to be initially dressed with an appropriate Tool. No more bare-handed Harvesting of newly killed animals.


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