Insulated Flask Experimentation


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Hi everybody, I searched for a thread on this topic but couldn't find one so here it is. 

I've done some very very rudimentary testing with mine:

Started with ten cups of hot birch bark tea, put eight into the thermos and left two on the inventory. Passed one hour, teas in and out are still warm, Flask lost around 10% of the heat bar, passed another hour both outside teas were cold, flask was still 80%'ish warm. Passed 4 more hours ( six in total ) and the bar on the flask drained, I successfully still extracted the teas showing "HOT" from the Flask and they still gave me the warming up benefit for 1 hour when consumed. 

I was in an inside location and so I couldn't test if the warmth bar affects the amount of warmth boost you get from the thermos drinks, that's next to test. 

Has anybody done any experimentation with the Insulated Flasks, as far as heat preservation capacity, difference between teas/soups or strategies to make better use of this new tool? 

Also, does anybody know what is the approximate amount of time hot drinks and food stay hot? I always thought It was around one hour, but clearly is more than that and less than two hours.

I would appreciate any ideas on how to improve testing and other suggestions.



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Interesting, perhaps it takes air temperature into consideration.

I was standing inside a cabin at the fishing camp in CH when I tested with mine. I'm gonna heat them up again and try taking the teas into the trip to ML, Might have to leave at the crack of dawn ( 6AM or earliest time you can read indoors) and see if the "hot" status makes it to noon ( when the sun at midpoint of the sun tracker UI ). 

Update: I can replicate your observations, teas were only warm for around two hours when travelling. I also kept all my teas inside the thermos, maybe removing a few cups of tea every now and then reduces the warmth preservation time even further? This just left me even more clueless of the inner workings of this mechanic. 🤔

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