Travois help please


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I've made the travois but I don't know how to use it.. I select it to deploy then load gear on it but if I try to use it I just end up with it back in inventory..

Am I an idiot or am I missing something? 

I'm on Xbox by the way.. 


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Hi! It seems to have a set order of operations it expects from you:

  • Open inventory and select "deploy"
  • Aim for the deerskin area and insert items to drag in the travois inventory.
  • Exit inventory and aim for the top part ( not at the X shaped intersection, the actual saplings ) and click to interact. The survivor will pickup the travois.
  • For me "E" is the key to drop it whenever I'm done.
  • Remove items from travois, then aim for the X shaped intersection between saplings and it should show you the collapse option. 
  • Pick it up as a normal item.

Hopefully that helps, my Steam screenshots don't show the action overlays and item names, so I can't put pictures to match the steps, sorry. :( 


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6 minutes ago, rush247 said:

Little tip try to remember not to drop it while on a hill.  It could get stuck in the terrain.  Here's an example, I may be able to retrieve it myself using Unity tools but will have to do some research first.



Ah I see.. thank you...  hopefully htl will sort it out though.theres always teething problems with new things.

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