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I flip between these settings often and feel like a middle ground would be very fun. The closest I can get is medium base, with interloper loose and container spawns. I still feel like I find plenty of tools, clothes, and weapons with ease this way. I'd like to make a knife a rare treasure, as well as a warm sweater, but otherwise play like interloper.

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20 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

I don't recall all the custom settings off-hand, but I seem to recall there are actually quite a few which influence loot found.  Maybe play around until you hit that sweet spot?

Yes, its the loose and container spawns I mentioned. In interloper they are set to minimize total loot. Setting to Medium overall ups the amount of items in general, while Low both lowers the number, and the quality. When Overall is set to Medium and loose item and empty container chance are at the worst level, I still find what I consider too many knives and matches.

The reason behind my suggestion is to give a reason to craft tools outside of interloper, while still having a chance to find a better quality one. I would also like a setting where its possible you spend 50 days in a plaid shirt, like you might in interloper, but then in an obscure corner you find the one and only fisherman's sweater. This is the best way I can think of to allow players to experience the entire game, but still have to struggle and do without things sometimes. If you just play stalker you'll have guns and sweaters galore. double stacked expedition parkas and never feel the wind again.

An alternate idea is to allow upgrading crafted tools to the good quality kind. like with leather and wood and metal make a hunting knife from improvised at the machining bench. I think I read that idea from someone else a while ago. Its a great idea, but it won't let you play something like loper and endgame in a cowichan.

The simplest way this implements in my mind is also the most intuitive. Make the overall loot mean what it says, and have another setting with a yes/no for restricted loot pool to emulate interloper.

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