Restored hatched turned out oddly similar to TLD hatchet

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Found this old rusty axe / hatchet head some time ago and thought one day I'll restore it. It was probably my grandfather's at some point, so restoring it would also have some sentimental value to it and nice in general to restore old things to make them useful again.

So I took the time to firstly remove the rust - I tried electrolysis as I haven't done it before and wanted to see how it works. Worked surprisingly well. Had it hooked up for ca 2h outside in NaCl solution and 12V car charger. 3-4A of current did a short job of the rust :P . It needed to be done outside, since the reaction causes otherwise harmful and flammable gases.

After that, finished it off with wirebrush and gave it a much needed sharp edge. (Condition went from 30% -> 75% :) )

For the handle I used a scrap terrace wood piece - it is tough  and looks nice, perfect for handle. Sketched the initial shape and then used electric bandsaw to carve it out. After that is was all manual filing and rasping and sanding to give the final shape and looks. Later finished it off with some wood oil to give that nice dark shine to it.

Anyhow, then it got to me - I've seen that axe somewhere, oddly familiar to TLD hatchet. :) I haven't weighed it if it is also 1.5kg, but it feels like it.
It was a nice woodworking and metalworking project.





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