Custom Setting for Rifle, Pistols, and Bow Spawns


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Rather than having just a setting to turn rifle and/or pistol spawns completely on or completely off, I'd like to propose a setting that would allow the player to select the numbers of these items they can expect to spawn in the world in specific runs.  A separate slider for each weapon type would be added as follows:  rifles, pistols, distress pistols, and bows.

Off - would ensure that no weapons of the applicable type would spawn in the game world (as it does now).

Very Low (Variants Only) - would ensure that only the variant weapons of that type spawn and at completely randomized locations.

Low (Variants Only) - would ensure that only the variant weapons of that type spawn in the game world at their guaranteed spawn locations

Medium - would allow a very limited number (up to, say, 5) of the applicable regular weapon variety to spawn at random locations, along with the appropriate variants.  In addition, it would randomize the variant spawn locations.

High - would work the same as low but with an increase in the maximum numbers to 10 (or whatever HL feels appropriate to cover an average expectation for finding frequency)

Very High - would activate a further parameter that would ensure that at least 1 of the applicable weapon type would spawn in each zone of the map (enabling one-zone runs that are controllable in custom to facilitate a desired play style for that specific run.

ETA:  For example, Standard Interloper settings would would be "Off" across for rifles and pistols, low (variants only) for bows (allowing the only bow variants to spawn, but still disallowing the regular pre-made bows), and distress pistols to medium.  A custom interloper player, however, could ensure they are unable to find a bow varant by turning that setting from the standard "low (variants only) to off or make things a little easier for them by allowing a few pre-made bows (with an associated broken arrow) to appear in the world.   A gunloper could also make things more difficult or easier by mixing and matching various settings for the variety of weapons in the game.

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I think this is a good idea.

  I wonder what the regular spawn rates are on different loot settings already though.  Having varients only is interesting, but aren't those only in the expansion?  That might cause a problem for those of us who don't have it or new players, but maybe that's kinda part of the expansion?  Lol, I don't know.  

  It is a good idea though to have different spawn rate settings for different weapons.  though, that might just lead to customizing even more loot details... but is that a bad thing?  It's probably good.

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