Snaring Ptarmigan?


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Has anyone tried/succeeded snaring ptarmigans?
I've recently placed a couple snares on a place where the birds show up regularly.
The next morning there was a bird walking between the snares, but none caught.
I wonder if this makes sense trying, or are ptarmigans immune to snares?
IRL, or at least in documentaries they have been caught by snares, that's where the idea is from - but not sure for TLD.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience!

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I tried it too, because the description of the snare says 'small game' in one place (but just 'rabbit' in another place). I hd no luck; same as you, there were birdy footprints all around and through the snare the next day. I tried this on Drift Island in Forsaken Airfield.

Because the ptarmigan down is so good - especially early game for immediate crafting of warm clothing - I think being able to trap ptarmigan would be overpowered.

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thanks for sharing!
I've been trying it probably at the very same spot:)
Haven't yet made down clothing, want to try it.
You might be right about it being overpowering, if it is such a big difference.
I think it would still be cool to catch them snared, even if with a smaller chance than rabbits...:)

While a little unrealistic, I'm happy they are so relaxed when just missing them with my arrows multiple times, usually I can hit them on the 3-4-5th try 😉  

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