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  1. [bow + arrow shaft + birch bark] would be an excellent idea! Would make Tinder useful, again, because you don't end up carrying them once you acquire Fire Starting Level 3. Actually, the way I understand cars to work in-game is that they are not insulated, which is why storing Meat inside of the Trunk and/or Glove Box results in a slower decay rate, while preventing wolves and bears from eating them (and prevents from attracting them, as well). So, any Car Batteries left over, using real-life logic, would dictate that they would lose all charge capability. Too cold or too hot causing too much constriction or contraction of the battery - heat causes them to corrode and cold causing them to "freeze". However, both temperatures at extreme levels will cause the battery to explode, so if they really wanted to add more realism to that in-game, then you can expect a few less cars on the roads in-game. However, if the trade-off was that we could acquire Gasoline as a means of Accelerant in-game, then I wouldn't mind it.
  2. So, as the title suggests, it's not a very sophisticated idea, but it is based on real-life principles, extreme desperation, and primarily in-game longevity (to some degree). See, as it stands, making 1,000 days survived on the harder difficulties is... very... difficult (impossible? I don't know). So, while I'm not asking you to reduce the difficulty, instead I'm asking to implement other real-world possibilities. Clicking 2 Rocks together to have a 5% Base Chance of Starting a Fire. This chance could increase with your Fire Skill. Using a Bow and Arrow to start a fire - has a 15% Base Chance and would cost 50% Durability of an Arrow and 10% Durability of your Bow with every attempt (whether successful or unsuccessful). These are just 2 ideas that could be implemented to make Fire Starting virtually unlimited in-game. Rocks are, literally, everywhere and a Bow and Arrow can be crafted to a virtually unlimited degree. P.S. This suggestion is primarily intended for Interloper, as I'd like to see people striving for 1,000 Days Survived on Interloper. P.P.S. Is it even possible to reach 1,000 Days Survived on Interloper as it stands? Won't you eventually have to resort to eating only Raw Meat as your primary food source? And water collection without fire - how to do?
  3. So, @Timber Wolf you're gonna have to start this all over when the new/final Sandbox update is released. Any idea how you're gonna do things this time around? You'll be able to Throw Rocks on that one and catch rabbits by doing so! It should be fun, for sure. Especially, Throwing Rocks at OB!
  4. Lol I'm 100% sure that I already posted somewhere on here (this forum) about a Wolf killing me mid-blizzard. So, that idea doesn't work. Trust me. I speak from experience. In fact, your chances of survival lower because the blizzard sound effects take priority over Wolf sound effects; thus, giving you no warning that a Wolf is nearby.
  5. Are you doing all of that on Stalker on Timberwolf Mountain!?
  6. i posted the FAQ clip-out that clearly defines this. i posted the FAQ clip-out that clearly defines this. Here's my posting (from above) that defines this. You guys read the FAQ, right?
  7. I don't find 3-years of save files being wiped to be a "little-nothing issue". Not to mention the fact that we were, in fact, promised Updates POST 1.0 Official Release, but now, with the new FAQ, that has been changed. I'm completely against the idea of Sandbox/Survivor-Mode no longer being updated and all of the save files being wiped. EDIT: Not to mention the fact that we had to wait for a countdown just to tell us the bad news. That's very disappointing that I anxiously waited to see what good things would come... only to follow up with bad, bad, and... well... more bad. Sure, Story Mode is nice, but I'm a Hardcore Survivor/Sandbox Mode fan.
  8. Actually, I think not only did they not mention anything about the uninformative timer countdown made it worse, but you guys read the FAQ, right? In particular, there's this part of the FAQ that I think is MOST important: "While we managed to maintain backwards compatibility with previous saves for our nearly 3-year run in Early Access, due to significant changes to the save architecture required to support our launch, we will be rendering all old saves obsolete as of the FINAL Sandbox update (currently targeting late-May/early-June 2017). In other words, your old games won’t work with the final Sandbox update before we launch our 1.0. It’s worth noting that your Profile data will carry over, however, which means progress towards Feats, or any Badges you’ve unlocked, will carry over. We will provide ample warning before making this switch." So, next patch that'll come soon will be the last Sandbox Update (Sandbox Fans not quite happy about that? I know I'm not), and it'll render our saves... useless. I'm still 'new' here and bought the game back in Late December when it was on sale for $10. I haven't gotten the 100 Day, 200 Day, or 10 other achievements on Steam yet. So, while my Profile Data will be saved, because my Sandbox Saves will be deleted, then I can no longer press for 100 Days on Stalker or 200 Days on Stalker or 25 of Each Natural Resource collected, etc. I know, I know, it's pre-release Alpha. We're not 1.0 yet and this Save Data Overhaul is supposed to prepare the game for the 1.0 release. But I still don't like it. And even though I have a considerable level of self-control, I can't help but think that if THIS was considered 'Bad Backlash' from the community, then what will the next update be considered!? Will the good outweigh the bad? Will the promise of a bright future be fulfilling enough to dial-down the anger of losing your 3-year saves? Or will people rage-quit so bad that they'll never return?
  9. So... it's May 4th, 10:29 AM EST/EDT. The countdown is completely gone (I checked). There's been no news release. No new website. No update - patch, hotfix, Official Release, of any kind. Steam's 'The Long Dark' Store page still claims that the game is in Early Access. The forums are the same - no updates, official messages, nothing. We got an Update on Twitter 20 hours ago, but that was just a quote with a picture. Nothing really pertinent. And the same thing from Twitter was also posted on Facebook. That's it, folks! But really, I guess I'll have to wait till Midnight tonight to really know if something happens today or not. It was obviously a simple timer that was designated to end on 12:01 AM May 4th, 2017 - not really down to the time of a release of information or patch.
  10. How do you guys know that on May 4th they aren't celebrating Star Wars? May the 4th be with you!
  11. I'm pretty sure it was already confirmed that Sandbox and Story Mode are, both, intertwined for updates at this point. When Sandbox improvements are/were made, then it helped further add difficulty and complicated situations to Story Mode, which is why they had to keep delving deeper into the production of Story Mode. Then, when Story Mode is released, we know that we'll get a Moose for Sandbox and most likely get other new features for Sandbox, as well. I think you're seriously underestimating the magnitude of what this next "Huge Update" will be for The Long Dark.
  12. End of the world type scenarios. I don't drink beer, but had this of been reality (The Long Dark's end of the world scenario), then I would gladly drink a few beers with you! As for the greenhouse, you'd probably have to figure out how to build an ultra-insulated glass/plastic-type of enclosure. I'd recommend burying the glass/plastic panels underground 6 inches to a foot, calking the sealed sections to make sure of no leaks, and adding Bubble Wrap to the Window Panes to add extra insulation, while, simultaneously, letting Sunlight in. But unfortunately, I'm no expert and couldn't tell you if doing all of that would still result in warm enough climate for the veggies and fruits to grow (or in your case, hops/grapes).
  13. See, I have patience and I still love the game, but at the same time... 4 months is... 4 months. Sure, you could go through life as normal and 4 months could pass by like nothing, but then one day you wake up and realize that you haven't had so much as a progress update with pictures, videos, or even a ChangeLog Detail post (which would be soooooooooooooo awesome to have) detailing some of what they've gotten done in the past 4 months. I realize that they are definitely not sitting on their asses, doing nothing, and that 50% of programming involves pre-planning, objective-based goals, and thought-processing prior to the actual implementation of the code, but leaving us in The Long Dark (hehe) is not necessarily a good thing. What I want to know is what they've been doing. That's it. I don't want it released in playable format right now, but I want a text version of the changelog, to say the least. Show me those 256 Bugs that you guys fixed. Show me that you improved performance optimizations by 11%, while simultaneously improving the graphics quality and detail of the game. Getting it in a Gift Basket, while knowing what half of it is, is still just as exciting as not having any clue.
  14. I realize that you guys may be waiting for a "Big Release" but the suspense is killing me! It's March now and we've got nothing! We're still on Version 0.393! Can we at least get the Moose for Sandbox? Please? That's all I'm asking for: The Moose.
  15. So, I'm on the Nomad Challenge and trying to beat the challenge (not hard, just long) and get some achievements along the way. Somehow, I got Pacifist Achievement, but this doesn't make any sense considering that I killed at least 5 wolves along the way via attacks. When you fight back, you kill them, and I even harvested the bodies, so I'm not sure what's going on here. P.S. I wasn't sure if this was a bug report or if this was intended, so I placed it here.