Tie glimmer fog to regular fog progression


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From what I can tell glimmer fog can just appear out of nowhere. I've had several instances now of things going from clear weather right to glimmer fog. This is a bit jarring and can really ruin an in-game day when you just planned something.

It would feel better if glimmer fog were part of the normal light to heavy fog progression. So you need at least a natural light fog first. And then when it would progress to medium fog there is a chance it rolls for glimmer fog instead.

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Please make this a thing

I don't really mind the idea of glimmer fog. Unlike some people I don't want to turn it off entirely. But it's already annoying me in the mine region. A clear day. You think you can finally learn the outside area and see where you're going. But no, the game decides it's time for glimmer fog. Again. Twice now.

And lore wise I can accept that some machine or phenomenon causes static electricity in the air. But that should require fog / moisture to make it work. And not magically turn a clear day into fog :( 

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