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After watching the Joystiq live stream, I'm curious about what different options one might have to deal with aggressive animals. Does the game run a risk/reward calculation for them when you are detected, taking into account the character's condition or the availability of alternate food sources (ie corpse spawns or wildlife)? Could there be an aggression emote, burning lots of calories for the effort expended but potentially deterring potential attackers? Would road flares scare off a wolf? Could you throw food down to stall pursuit?

Thank you and sorry if this question has already been addressed elsewhere.

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Things like lit flares and fires will keep wolves at bay -- although there is a point where if you get close enough to a wolf, it may still attack (even when waving a lit flare around).

You can drop food items in the game to distract wolves... the type of food has a large impact on the effectiveness of the decoy.

The wolf (and AI in general) behaviors are still fairly simple/undeveloped in the game, so expect to see that improve/grow over time.

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