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  1. I agree it would be nice. Half the time I feel like I'm 3 feet tall when walking through the snow and looking down I see ghost footprints appear.
  2. rla1974

    Flight prep

    I think they want to avoid players over-exploiting the bonus gear. In terms of the narrative, Mackenzie didn't know they'd crash.
  3. rla1974

    Flight prep

    I took the food and water - I found a box spilled open near Astrid's things with several energy bars and water bottles.
  4. rla1974

    Flight prep

    I really like the little touch of giving you the option to pick the supplies you store in the plane to start off - simple, not game balance breaking and it adds a narrative element in my own imagination (I didn't try, but I wonder what would happen if you tried to leave Astrid's backpack behind). Well played, Hinterland.
  5. Looking forward to it. Concept art looks intriguing.
  6. Thank you for the link to the interview. It does indeed satisfy some of the behind-the-scenes insights I was looking for.
  7. With respect, I think this passive/aggressive follow up is uncalled for. You posted the original message on Friday morning and by Monday afternoon are implying a snub. I would be interested to see responses to some of your questions. They strike me as being steeped in some of the sense of grievance that the forum community are exhibiting, but you are up front about where you are coming from. Perhaps a better avenue might be to communicate with some of the community moderators to set up a post-release AMA with Raph and others. I too would like to get some insight into design decisions
  8. I think I remember seeing one in the Mystery Lake camp office
  9. I had observed this too on my second start after Patch 4. The end of day triggered after harvesting the very first rose hip bush next to the wall where we fall.
  10. I like that some of the higher level trust rewards for the Grey Mother fill in the world-building background. I started out ignoring a lot of wildlife harvesting as the clothing situation was more than fine from looting, but now I'm risking the Milton wolf gang to scrounge for rabbit skins to max out trust before moving on. A great motivation.
  11. I hit resume after the Episode 1 credits sent me back to the menu and it launched the Episode 2 intro theme and carried into the cut scene.
  12. I guess it's just a sound bubble specific to wolves feeding on deer carcasses that is stuck. I finally got up the nerve to walk by a haunted carcass and escaped unharmed. I've observed a wolf descend into the road in Milton in the pursuit trot, only to burst into the wolf attack QTE. While it was funny at the time, I now find any time spent in Milton to be super unnerving. Atmospheric mission accomplished, I guess.
  13. I'm sitting at work, getting antsy to head home to play.
  14. On this eve of the launch of story mode, I was chatting with a friend who had originally brought the Long Dark Kickstarter campaign to my attention. We went back to look at the original page and I remember being sold on the concept art. Looking back on it now, I am impressed at how consistently the latest build has remained true to the original pitch. I would love to see the more modern style gas station.
  15. It would be nice to see a layering mechanic where one can stack several layers of sweater or long johns, but I suspect this would break the clothing game balance.