Did I see the aurora phenomenon? Who saw it?


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While playing during the last weekend, I spent a night in the fishing hut closest to Camp Office on Mystery Lake. Fed the oven with plenty of hardwood for the whole night and slipped into my bedroll...

Getting up in the middle of the night to take a drink, I saw an eerie greenish glow outside. I dared to venture out onto the ice, as I had killed the wolf that usually patrols between Camp Office and the first fishing hut the day before and presumed it would not have respawned yet. A thick fog was covering everything, so I could not see very much. However, the fog was illuminated all around and was glowing in a bluish-green light. Very strange! A bit later the fog cleared a bit and allowed a glimpse at the distant mountain peaks. Usually black during the night, they were glowing in the same greenish colour as the mist, as if reflecting some light coming from somewhere far away...

Then the light somehow faded, and everything returned to blackness. Only the stars remained to be seen, staring down in endless indifference at me - a small speck of life far down below on a frozen lake. I shuddered, the blood tingling in my hands and feet, and feeling the cold seeping through my clothes, my eyes returned to the fishing hut. The comforting red glow of the oven was emanating from there, beckoning me to crawl back into this temporary shelter, and back into my bedroll sprawled on the floor, still warm where I left it...

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Wooow... I so much want to see these once in my life... thanks for the pictures! Amazing...

Anyway, not wanting to create confusion: The ones I saw (or presumed that I saw) were in the game. I find it cool that the devs leave some questions unanswered. Makes me want to venture out again at night and confirm that the aurorae are actually there... :)

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