I am stuffed, where's the crapper? (food/hygiene immersion)

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I play games where you eat and drink for health and whatever else, where is finally the game that immerses you with the game value of taking a door number 1 and 2? You may laugh all you want but hear me out, there is value to this!

This game, is probably the only one in the world that have excelled in the time factor, food factor, heat factor and everything related. The game includes this to make your survival situation as challenging and exciting as possible, i believe strongly that introducing the need to literally to take a leak or dump adds to it as it demands a minute or so (depending on how full you are?)

Is it time to go to bed to wait the storm out? Not yet, because you're almost crapping your pants! So you get out of the hut that dosn't have a toilet and you suffer the storm momentarily, then go to sleep. Does the abandoned house have a toilet? Tough luck, are you going to use the water for surival or depend on snow forever or are you going to take a safe dump where no wolf wants to bite you in the arse or no cold freezes the bricks stuck in your browneye? DECISIONS, CONSENQUENCES, IMMERSION, NATURAL FEELING, these are what you get!

Considering what its all about, there are no actual need to see the messy duty, just like eating food you don't get to see anything happening so keep things noble but TRUE.

This can also introduce the HYGIENE engine in the game! The more you wear your clothes without washing, the less warmer they get. SHOWER! TAKE A BATH! And replenish the original heat values of your clothes. Again a natural immersion.

What say you?

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Sounds once more like artificial complexizing.

Normally, ppl bring up sanity-bars or sth similar, but this hits the same spot imo.

As well, you've brought up many old, old ideas, (cloth, good old weapon discussion), feel free to use the search function.


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