Deer Pathfinding


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I just found this poor buck that tried to get away from me but got stuck. It was running against the wall for several minutes.^^

(I only found old pre-V.200 threads about pathfinding issues, so I thought you might be interested in it.)


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A similar thing happened to me yesterday but, instead of a deer, it was a rabbit running into a big rock face. I was freezing at the time and was trying to get back home, so I didn't have the presence of mind to get a screenshot, but I can try to describe where it happened:

It was on PV, about 600 meters roughly WNW of the Farmstead, at the branching of the river. On the map made by autonomous, the coordinates would be approximately (1020, 1380).

The next time I'm in-game and near that spot, I'll try to remember to get a screenshot of the location.


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