Gregg Here - I LOVE this game!!!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Gregg and I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I purchased this game last week and I already have 40 hours logged. I stream it all the time. I literally can't stop. :-)

I'll be around the forums. I'm looking forward to being a part of this games development, what ever part that may be.

Cheers from New Hampshire!


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Hey, Gregg! I LOVE this game, too! What a coincidence!

I definitely recognize your photo too...I'm gonna say that screen grab was around the time you left the comfort of a home singing a happy tune, only to have a wolf tear into you :)

Thanks for streaming and joining the forums, so glad you're enjoying yourself!

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Hello,Greg! :D Wellcome to this great crazy community. :)

I just watch that video of yours,the one where you were completely freaked out from a wolf attack,who left your character with 1% condition. :lol: :lol: Man,that was awesome!! :lol: I had to watch it 5 times and could not stop laugh. :)

Those situations are what makes this game such great,lol.I love this game,myself,too.I did watch few streams of yours.If you didn`t see the post from ChillPlayer,he created a group on Steam,which purpose is to unite together streamers and wiewers.If you are interested,come and join us.There you can schedule your streams and get more followers on your streams.You may also watch some streams you missed before.We sinceresly wellcome you there.

Here is a link of group:

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