cooking/burning/crafting chart?

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In my notebook, I have fish cook time at ~11 min (probably some error in my time-keeping, so 10 min sounds good to me). I don't know when I first wrote that down, but it would probably have been in mid-to-late January, so it's been that way for at least a little while.

I haven't cooked any fish for several weeks, but I do recall that cooking it removes a lot of calories, so I had stopped cooking fish and just ate it raw--and carried antibiotics, just in case, although it never made me sick. ;)

For anyone who is using imperial units, here's some info on melting and boiling water based on my experience (if you don't want to bother doing the conversion):

30 min to melt 0.4 gal

15 min to boil 0.4 gal

Of course, this means that the boil time for 0.2 gal is 7.5 min, but since we have no second counter in-game, I round up to 8 min when I'm planning how much wood I need for a fire.

Also, for the OP, a couple of other fuel sources that I didn't see listed above:

Book: burns for 18 min

Reclaimed wood: burns for 30 min

Firelog (artificial): burns for 2 hrs

For those who are new to TLD, just understand that your total burn time is a bit less than advertised due to the time it takes to start a fire. This appears to be 5 min, but as soon as you open up the fireplace, etc. and try to cook something, it almost immediately reduces it by one more minute--and you can also lose time when cooking a second steak, adjusting the amount of water to melt, etc.

So, just to be on the safe side, I add up the total amount of burn time for all of the wood I'm using and then just subtract 6 or 7 min from that total (I subtract a bit more if I'm doing a lot of cooking at once). That tends to be pretty accurate--for me, at least.


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Guess I just always assumed cooking fish took as long as cooking meat. But it's been a long time since I cooked fish since I haven't fished since mid December.

For easy conversion between metric and imperial (for amounts of liquid anyway): 1 quart = 0.95 liter so I always round that up to 1 quart = 1 liter.

For anyone looking for more times etc, check the link Bethany provided. All burn times, crafting times etc are listed in the appendix (there is a link to the appendix in the table of contents on the right side).

Gibbon is right, starting a fire takes 5 min of the burn time of the first fuel source, and you do loose some time in between cooking, melting and boiling. So keep that in mind when calculating how long you'll need and always keep an extra piece of fuel at hand.

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