"Waste Not, Want Not" by scavenging


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I know this isn't anything really exciting, but I'm very pleased to have gotten the "Waste Not, Want Not" achievement without killing or even causing the death of anything.

I'm currently playing in Pilgrim mode and my current run looks almost like it was designed to get the achievement this way. Couldn't find a rifle at Mystery Lake, although I checked everywhere, even the cave behind Camp Office. Did found a lot of rounds, though. I wasn't too disappointed as I'm trying to get Silent Hunter at last. Still, finding a rifle for later use would have been nice.

So, I started finding a lot of deer carcasses all of a sudden. 8 at Mystery Lake alone. Some of them had no meat and I was a bit worried that they might not count as the achievement description talks about complete carcasses. However, the way the achievement seems to work is that you just need to take everything there is to take. If there's no meat, take all the leather and guts and it will count for the achievement.

The missing two carcasses I found at Coastal Highway, one in the forest as I was taking a shortcut to Rabbit Grove and another one in plain sight on the ice near Jackrabbit Island. So I finally got the achievement and now I've also got more fishing tackles than I need.

Next, Exploration and Silent Hunter.

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