Squirrel Snares

Leo Sky

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I think it would be really cool if you could make squirrel snares in-game!

In-Game, I don't think you would need a workbench, you would need x3 sticks and snare wire. Then you could find a tree to place it against. I think this would add more depth to the game because this is one of the firsts snares they teach in basic survival training.

In real life, you take a stick and some snare wire, wrap the wire (loosely) around the stick and make a loop with a slip knot with the remaining wire. When a squirrel runs down the stick, they get stuck in the wire as it tightens, and they try to jump off to get away, strangling themselves to death. 

For squirrel pelts, maybe they could be used for repairs on other fur clothing and accessories. Another idea is to be able to make a hat, but it's less warm than a rabbit hat. 

(this is not super important but is relevant kinda) Another thing to consider is the type of squirrels on Bear island, grey squirrels aren't native to Canada unless the grey squirrel was introduced to the area (which is plausible) but red squirrels are much smaller than grey squirrels, so it's up to you to decide which way to go. If you really wanted to run with this idea, there would be a spawn chance of either red squirrels or grey squirrels when you set the snare, but that's just a fun idea. 

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