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Hello, all Survivors, and welcome!


I am FreeSTONE, guy, from Central Europe, with 360+ hours of my TLD "experience" and to be honest, I enjoyed the game most in that damned year 2020. 

This is story about how I started playing: About two years ago, I got in contact with one old friend from my University. We started some philosophic discussion, I asked him about some opinions and he told me "you know what? Here, take this..." and sent me link to his Quora account. There, I found hundreds of his opinions, even those I planned to ask later. That was cool! 

We continued our discussion, and after some time, we discussed about plays games... I asked him, maybe you have some good games, that I may like as well? (Now, you see where this is heading to, right?)

He told me "you know what? Here, take this..." and sent me The Long Dark - as a gift on STEAM. (Around 30 Euro at that time. Good friend!)


It happened around Christmas. So, every year, I send him my yearly greetings, saying "Thanks for The Long Dark" 😀




Some thoughts as a brain food:


1. While reading this forum, I realized that we all walk on the same TLD maps... we visit the same places, we experience similar problems... we just don't see each other 😀

2. I espesially like how Nature works in TLD. It... is really unbiased, indifferent to anything (espesially to Survivor). It does, what it does, no matter what we need, no matter if we like it or not... no matter if we are even there. I think there is a beauty - the universe is ultimately righteous - equally hard to everyone and everything.


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