Lost - A short TLD story

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Adam ran in every direction to check around his temporary shelter for supplies, nothing. Only the shallow cave he took refuge in. Hushed River Valley has the worst blizzard he had ever seen, for a second day in a row. Then again, he'd only survived in Great Bear for three days. No food, almost no water, every tree and rock and goddamn rose hip bush looks the same, he thought, and firewood is almost out too. Oh, he forgot about his lack of headgear; a certain way to catch frostbite one of these days. His pack was almost empty. No tools, no weapons, nothing.

Last trek before the end, he thought. Might as well make it count. He followed the direction of the blizzard so it wouldn't slow him down,traversing fallen trees, snow banks, and even climbing one of the longest mountaineering ropes on Great Bear. A feeling grew in his mind,a sense that he was close to safety. A large scrub bush in the way, too much to move or break down on his own, blocked his  way forward. No way was he going back, not at this point. The frost began to creep inside his core as his wet clothes began to freeze. Maybe a jump? There was a bit more rock to his left, maybe he could take a leap over the chasm and land beyond the scrub bushes that blocked his path.

Perfect landing. As perfect as it can be for someone that was about to get hypothermic, catch frostbite, hungry and exhausted. Night was just beginning, the hum of the aurora almost audible already. The blizzard was stopping. He felt so weak, even checked his pack for a stim that never was there to begin with. Suddenly, hope. He heard echoes, surely caused by snow pressurising over a cave. A large one. He could hardly sprint, but it surely felt like his speed doubled. His bedroll was still on his back, and there had to be supplies in the ice cave. Any kind of supplies. When he saw the cave entrance, his body didn't seem to hurt anymore. He entered it, gleefully. 

The cave's first area held random sticks and branches, someone else's abandoned backpack with a few meds, even a toque! Adam was overjoyed. He would survive another night. A ravaged rabbit carcass caught his eye, in the clearing where light shines from above. He was so overjoyed, even the echoing  crunches of collapsing snow above couldn't disturb his sleep later. As he stood in the light, he began harvesting the meat.

He's so happy now, he doesn't register the sound as two green eyes approach, behind him, in the darkness. When the moment of realisation kicks in, he wishes he could turn around, to fight back. He doesn't get the chance.

Adam, as well, faded into the Long Dark.

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